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New Tires

We are able to get almost any tire you may need through our vendors.  We especially like Multi-Mile tires for being a great tire value.  We would love the opportunity to quote a tire price and explain the difference between brands with the same size tire.

Breese Tire Repair

Hit a nail?  Continually have a one tire with low pressure?  Sometimes you have a tire leak that just needs to be patched.  We are happy to help you extend the life of a leaky tire by applying a tire patch.

How To Find Your Car’s Tire Size

There are two ways you can find the tire size for your car, you can find it on the tire itself or you can look on the inside of your door.

Tire Size In The Door

On the inside of your driver’s side door, where it overlaps with the frame of the car, you will find a sticker with all of your tire information.

Reading Your Tire Wall

Most tires will tell you the size and type of the tire with a alpha-numeric coding.  Most of the time the format will be similar to P205/65/R16.  Be sure you have all the data off of your tire before requesting a quote for best accuracy.

How to find your tire size

Tire Problems?

Questions about tire? Whether you need new or a patch, call us now at (618) 526-8705.
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